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  • How Long Do We Have The Venue?
    You have the venue starting at 10am. Once your ceremony starts you have 5 hours to complete both ceremony & reception. (Example: If your ceremony starts at 4pm your event ends at 9pm.)
  • How Long Do We Have To Clean Up?
    You have 1 hour for clean up of your own personal items. Everyone should be ready to leave the facility about 1 hour after ceremony/reception ends (Time Of Event = ceremony start time plus 5 hours to do both ceremony/reception)
  • Can We Come Back The Next Day To Remove Our Personal Items?
    All personal items must be removed from our facility the same night as ceremony as we must prepare for the next scheduled event.
  • What Time Can We Arrive On Event Day?
    The gate to the venue opens at 12 noon.
  • What Does The Rental Fee Include?
    Please refer to the full list shown on our Packages & Pricing page here.
  • Do You Require A Wedding Planner?
    Yes. We require at the minimum a “Day of Wedding Planner” We also require an itinerary of your wedding which will include ceremony start time and times for order of events.
  • Do I Have To Use Your Vendors, Or Can I Bring My Own?"
    We have a list of excellent vendors to choose from, but you can have your own except for the bartenders - which must be hired from our “Approved List of Bartenders”. There is not a commercial kitchen on site; however, there is a standard size side/side refrigerator and some work/storage space. All food must be catered into event. We do not have any means of keeping food hot or cold storage of any food items. This must all be provided by your caterer. We do not allow any cooking or food prep on our premises.
  • What Is Your Alcohol Policy?
    Yes beer, wine or signature drinks only. We require a bartender from our approved list. Taylor Made Farms LLC does not tend the bar and we do not provide and/or serve any alcohol. GUESTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BRING THEIR OWN ALCOHOL. Any alcohol brought on to the property by your guest has to be given to the bartender to serve. There can be no charge to attend the event or buy a drink. During the event all alcohol must go behind the bar and be served by the bartender. The bride/groom (Host) must purchase a 1 day Special Event Alcohol Permit from the State of NC for $50. Alcohol can not be served at your event with out this permit. (We will supply you with the application). We reserve the right to refuse to serve to any guest/wedding party we deem may have had too much to drink. No refunds on venue if we refuse service of alcohol to any guest, wedding party etc... If alcohol is to be consumed at the Rehearsal and/or Rehearsal dinner a bartender must be serving and the Alcohol Permit must include this date. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.
  • Do I Have To Get Event Insurance?
    Yes, a one day wedding insurance policy is required. The purpose of Wedding Liability Insurance is to protect you if you or your event causes damage or injury. Otherwise, you may be personally responsible and nobody wants a marriage to start out with that kind of financial burden. The simple act of putting up lights could cause wall damage or an accidental wine spill could cause your Aunt to take a spill and injure her wrist.
  • Are All Of Your Areas Outside? What Happens If It Rains?
    This is an outdoor venue consisting of an outdoor covered Pavilion and dance area. Your ceremony can take place outside under the pavilion and reception inside the barn. In the case of heavy rain during the ceremony the barn can be closed to the elements and also be used for the ceremony. The Barn holds 110 people comfortably plus an additional 5 tables can be put under the overhang.
  • How Many People Can Be Onsite?
    Our maximum is 150 people which includes guests, family, bridesmaids/groomsmen, preacher, coordinator etc… for additional people we must know 2 weeks in advance of the event and it is an additional $30/ per person over 150. You would be responsible to supply additional tables, chairs, linens and possible tent.
  • Do We Have To Clean The Facility Before We Leave?
    YES, you must remove all decorations, personal items, food and/or anything you have brought to the venue at the end of the night. The venue must be given back to us in the condition it was given to you. All trash must be bagged and set outside underneath overhang in 1 location for us to remove. The TMF Staff will finish all the cleaning including tables, chairs, haul off trash etc… If any guests and/or wedding party vomits, spills or causes any damage to this facility it is your responsibility to clean up and/or repair/replace. If this is not completed you will be held responsible for all costs involved. ALL PERSONAL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED AT THE END OF THE EVENING WE CANNOT ALLOW PICK UP FOR THE NEXT DAY DUE TO OTHER SCHEDULED EVENTS.
  • Can I Use Any Type Of Decorations?
    Yes, we ask that any décor that is loose (i.e. flower petals, confetti etc...) must be organic. Please do not use any type of glue and/or adhesives or nails when hanging decorations. If you need assistance please ask staff what is allowed to be used when hanging. Absolutely No Open Flame Decorations Allowed In Barn.
  • Do You Supply Any Decorations?
    Yes we have a large assortment of Props, Decorations, Glassware, and more for your use. All we ask is that you return it all to the Decoration Room at the end of your event.
  • Can We Cook Our Own Food Onsite?
    No. We do not have a kitchen. No food preparation of any kind allowed on the premises. All food must be catered and brought in already hot and ready to serve. Crock pots are not allowed. We only have 1 side/side frig which will hold some items but not all. Please bring additional ice. We do not handle any food ie catering, serving or maintaining buffet area etc… We do not remove plates from tables during reception there will be trash cans set up for guest to throw away their trash.
  • What Are Our Responsibilities At The End Of The Night?
    - All trash (barn & bride’s suite) must be pulled from cans tied and placed outside of barn in one location (between barn and bride’s suite). - All décor owned by venue must be returned to original location. - All personal items to be removed (this includes but not limited to clothing, hair/makeup items, gifts, leftover food, beverages, cake, lunches etc..). - Any food on floor must be picked up and put in trash. - If you use fake flower petals they must be picked up and put in trash. - Nothing can be thrown over the fence in pasture areas. All food, paper, plastic must be picked up and put into the trash.
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